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How To Restore Your Health

Chapter 1 My Story Who I am, my health problems, how I overcame them and my successes. Chapter 2 Chelation Therapy My start on the road to recovery. How I improved my eyes, memory & the damaging effects of three heart attacks. Chapter 3 Ozone Therapy Oxidation therapies are the most important things I have learned in restoring my health. Chapter 4 Magnetic Therapy Not only did it make the difference in living & dying for me but it gave me a life worth living. Chapter 5 Chronic Back and Neck Pain After living in pain most of my life, I no longer have pain of any kind. Chapter 6 Prostate Cancer I eliminated all symptoms, myself, in just three months. Chapter 7 Eyes After wearing bifocals for 20 years, I no longer need glasses and have not worn any since 1993. Chapter 8 Hearing Loss For years people hollered at me to "turn down the TV".  Three doctors diagnosed me with nerve damage and told me I must get a hearing aid.  Through natural methods I can hear again! Chapter 9 Heart Attack After surviving 3 heart attacks, I have cleared all blockages, and repaired damage to my heart, which doctors told me could not be done! Chapter 10 Feet issues Eliminating the pain and discomfort and getting my feet issues under control. Chapter 11 Health Made Simple All health starts with cleansing and detoxing but there are many other things to consider as well. This precious information will show you how, with knowledge, health can be truly simple. Chapter 12 Exercise The easiest and most efficient forms of exercise and the benefits to your health. Chapter 13 Nutrition Only the body can heal itself and what we eat is very important to our health as well as what we don't eat. It's easier than you may think.. Chapter 14 Water Essential to life and health, an insight into understanding its importance in reversing our health issues. Chapter 15 Environment No bugs - no life, a unique look at understanding the importance of our environment relating to our health. Chapter 16 Teeth After losing several teeth and nearly losing the remaining ones, I discovered how to save the rest very simply and inexpensively. Chapter 17 Leg and Knee Needing a knee operation at the time of my retirement in 1991, I overcame it without surgery … by simple and affordable nutrition and magnetic therapy. Chapter 18 Liver Stage 4 untreatable liver cirrhosis was the diagnosis, and I now have the doctors asking me how I reversed it. Chapter 19 Nose Cancer This has taken longer than anything else I have addressed but I feel I have won the battle. Chapter 20 Colonics It took years for me to accept just how important this cleansing process is. But when I was struck with diarrhea for 8 months without a permanent solution, I had to resort to drastic means to overcome it. Colonics is one of the many things that has made a tremendous improvement in my health and my life. Chapter 21 MMS MMS is Sodium Chlorite and when activated with Citric Acid it becomes Chlorine Dioxide, one of the most powerful germicides in the world, yet relatively non-toxic. This is the discovery that has most improved my health, and my life, as it goes beyond just health. Chapter 22 Future Projects and Thoughts from the Author What I am learning about quantum physics. We are all a part of a quantum energy field that is changing my life & our world. We are all a part of this paradigm shift, like it or not, and my vision is a world without sickness, disease, pain, and suffering ... a world filled with the joy of living in love for one another.     
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