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At 15 years of age, Dennis Richard was serving as a volunteer fireman in Henderson, Nevada. In 1958 he joined the US Marines and served in the Far East and Okinawa, just prior to the Viet Nam conflict. Finishing his tour of duty in the Marines, he returned to the Las Vegas area and became a full time fireman for the City of Henderson for approximately 5 years and then 25 years with the Clark County Fire Department. During his 30 years on the fire department he obtained 2 AA degrees, - in fire science & in business management. In the typical American tradition and of necessity when married in 1960 and raising a family. He put his business management training to work and, during the same time period, operated  the following businesses: owned Henderson, Nevada's first 24/7 child care facility, was a partner in Faber Music Publishing Co., operated a horse ranch, buying & selling horses and also renting horses, teams and wagons for the movie industry along with providing props for the many Las Vegas hotels for western décor for their conventions and parties; did hay rides and BBQs for 10 people to as many as 3500;  was partner in the Daydream Ranch in Las Vegas: bar, restaurant, motel, and 70 head of horses and ran 24/7; was a private real estate investor and turned over many vacant properties during this time period. In 1991, he retired from the Fire Department, being unable to work for the last 20 months of service, because of job related injuries and having many other health problems including prostate cancer. Feeling 90 years old and not expecting to live more than 2 or 3 years and in so much pain, he didn't care. Dennis then heard about chelation therapy.  He learned that detoxifying, cleansing, and eating right was the first step to regaining health. Starting with chelation therapy, his eyesight was restored and his mind cleared. Pain was diminished. This was his new beginning of his quest for health and a new life. At this present time he is 100% pain free and doesn't remember feeling this good when he was in his 20's. 1998 through 1999:  Owned a Water and Health Food Store and hosted Health Talk Radio, a 1-hour show, 5 days a week in Henderson, Nevada. 2011 Dennis has gone from feeling 90 years old to feeling 20 years old and has gone from 310 lbs. to 200 lbs, his weight when he was 20 years old and from a 52 inch waist to 36 in waist size, the same as he was when he was 20 years old. Now at the age of 70 he is looking forward to the next 70 years with the excitement of a 20-year old, as he believes no disease will ever negatively affect him in the future. He feels he has found his purpose in life, which is sharing what he has learned in restoring his own health.  He met Jim Humble in February of 2007.  After seeing the benefit of MMS on himself and others and realizing Jim's humanitarian goals, he was compelled to help Jim bring this incredible information and product to the world. He was involved in distributing MMS and a few other health products and has been a guest on many radio shows to date. With the knowledge he is accumulating and sharing, he is looking forward to living in a world without disease. Realizing he has made his health his choice, he has written a book about what he has done to overcome all of his many health challenges called "Your Health is Your Choice".  Health is simple once you understand it! His most important accomplishment in life: “Raising my four children, all very successful and be very proud of each and every one of them.  I have been additionally blessed by the fact they have all married someone that fits perfectly into the family and I love them all as I do my own children and all eight are each other's best friends.”
About the author Dennis Richard        YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR CHOICE
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